Stella Maria Baer


I found this artist through another favorite of mine - designer Rachel Pally - the artists name is Stella Maria Baer and the color palette she uses is so peaceful and resonates with truth for me right now.  I hope it inspires you as it has us.  Her story is pretty great too. It's wonderful to me how she celebrated woman of all shapes, colors, sizes with her Milk Dunes piece.  Made me laugh and it inspired our mission statement for Tiki Boutiki.  Here is her bio from her website

Stella Maria Baer is a painter and photographer originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In her work she explores the mythology of the desert, the cosmology of space, and the topography of the human body.

For the past four years she has worked on a series of paintings of moons and planets and photographed the deserts of the southwest.  In the past year she has explored the relationship between women and land, in paintings of the human figure using pigments made from sands, and in photographs of nudes in the New Mexico desert.

Stella's paintings and photographs have been featured by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Scientific American, and Sunset Magazine.  Her pieces are in public and private collections all over the world.  

Stella lives in Denver, Colorado.

April 21, 2018 by Marjorie De Souza

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